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  • Done national service
  • Ex-military, veterans
  • Diplomatic personnel

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About Forces cars Direct

Choosing our company to represent you and find a vehicle is a great idea if you have worked for the military or been part of the army navy or even a diplomat will we will help you.

We offer a discounted price to help our military or ex-military staff on vehicles loans that suit them and their budget making the process easy and simplifying it for everyone.

Do you qualify for the discount?

Whether you were in the military or no longer serving the queens guard you will still qualify for our discount because we owe you for helping to protect our nation and we owe you for keeping us safe that is why we offer you the discount. That is the least we can do and also offer our time to help you to get a vehicle that will suit your needs and your families.

The benefits of our service

This discount is offered to the members that have worked in the queens guard that has served the military that has had to leave their families and help to keep our nation safe so this discount is for anyone that has been in the forces and or is still in the forces serving our great nation and keep us and the country safe we cannot offer enough but we will start with offering what we can to make it a bit easy for you and your families.

Forces cars Direct Services

We make it easy for you to get instant finance that will help you to either decide to hire your car with the intent to buy the car or buy the car at the best rates.

We provide a pre-approval test to see if you will qualify for the amount that you want to loan, we offer you this hire purchase agreement that is straight forward and easy to understand and we offer you the ability to by a car too.

Which loan would suit you?

Are you sure of the car that you would like to buy or do you still have some doubts if you are having doubts then the best option for you would be to hire purchase, you can rent the car to buy and you can see if this is the car for you.

A fixed interest rate

You can find out if you would like a small voxel or a land rover this would be an option that would suit you. This option gives you the ability to settle the agreement when you would like. If you are set on the car that you would like to buy then the best option for you would be to get a car loan and find a car that would suit your needs whether for you or your family needs or your own we are here to help you decide on an option and a fixed interest rate to pay it back at and even give you a discount.

Forces cars Direct Product Details

  • Loan Type Vehicle finance

Summary of Services

  • Online application
  • Immediate approval
  • Car finance for armed forces 

Conditions of your forces car direct loan.

In order to get the discount, you will have to be part of the Queens Guard.

You can qualify whether you are serving now or you have served, it does not matter for how long either or how short you have been in the Queen's Guard you will receive the car forces discount guaranteed.

Will it matter if I am on a pension?

No, it will not matter as long as you have a form of income and you can prove that it would be enough to take out your loan or even hire your car as those are the options we will support you and help you to find a car that will fit your pocket and remember we will be giving you discount so this will help you in getting your car. With us, you can also qualify for personal loans and short-term loans.

We serve the community

You will need to make sure that you will have enough pounds in the month for yourself to afford your loan and live happily at the same time and then going by that budget we will find you your car with our help we will help you to find your dream car. We owe you to help you the way you have helped us and our nation Forces Cars Direct would like to thank you for keeping us safe.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

A friend told me about them and I got a good deal.

Gary V
— Manchester —

April 2019

They didn't give me any hassles and they kept the terms simple

Dan H
— Edingburgh —

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