A P2P loan is the perfect online lending solution for individuals & businesses alike

In peer-to-peer lending, online forums or platforms are used to create a match between a lender and a borrower. In this case, the lender is someone who wants to invest money, while the borrower is in need of a loan.

It is a win-win situation, where a person obtains a personal loan or any other form of finance while the lender earns profit from interest rates.

Both parties enjoy the benefits

The lenders use P2P loans as an investment strategy. Some companies act as third parties that run the online platforms and match the borrowers and lenders. These organizations earn profit by charging the other two parties for coordinating the match.

For the investors, it is highly advantageous as you operate as a bank itself. You become a private lender to other people and you enjoy the interest that they pay you back with monthly instalments on the loan.

It is even better because you are not accountable to anyone, including the banks. You decide the rates that you operate with, you make offers and deals with the borrowers and you then earn the profit solely.

For the borrowers, it is also beneficial. P2P lending offers compatibility, meaning you are matching with a lender who falls in line with your needs and affordability.

This saves you time from finding the best lender and allows you to borrow from someone who is just right for you. The terms of P2P lending are more flexible than any banks would offer. In fact, some P2P lenders are open for negotiation of the repayment term and interest rates.

Important things to note about P2P lending

Due to the absence of banks, the money trade might not be up to par and both sides can suffer from loses and setbacks. With no organization moderating the process of controlling the terms, the abdication of rules is common, and chaos may result.

Adding on, lenders are mostly investors looking to earn money and may not form best judges of the financial situation of the borrower. As an investor, you might overlook many aspects that a bank would not miss, and you end up investing in the wrong person.

These loans are mostly unsecured loans and there is no insurance in place. The borrower may be unable to pay back the loan or fail to do repayments on time. In either case, there is a high risk of losses that the lender would incur. Most P2P lending offers long term loans.

For lenders, it is a problem, as they might be unable to get a quick return on their money and profit may come slowly. For borrowers, it means that they would remain in debt for a long period of time.

The process is simple and easy

P2P investors and borrowers are connected seamlessly by online forums and websites. These are readily found with little research. The websites provide information and options for both parties and whichever category you fall into, you can apply there.

However, you must have done prior planning and be sure which platform you want to use. Some are more reputable than others. Similarly, some are more efficient than others. Once you have found the platform, you can apply as a lender or borrower who needs a loan.

The loan application is completely online

Once all information is submitted, your financial history and everything of importance are used to process your application. You are then matched with the lender or a borrower who is most suitable for your situation. After that, communication follows.

Not anyone can just apply for this service. You must be residing in the UK in order to apply and should have a valid ID document in your possession. You have to be of legal age for you to be considered. Borrowers must be employed and in a financial position that would allow them to pay back the loan.

Thus, bank statements and recent payslips should be presented as a proof of employment status. On the other hand, lenders must have enough money to offer a loan. The amount of money you want to invest also determines the nature of the loan you offer.

In a nutshell, P2P lending is a useful tool that has given people the opportunity to invest and earn a profit. It has provided borrowers with readily available loans with flexible terms and conditions.