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  • Business loans up to £175,000
  • Get approval in 24 hours
  • Repayment up to 18 months

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About Boost Capital

Boost Capital is a leading supplier of business loans to small businesses.

We specialise in business loans for UK business owners that are very easily accessible as of other traditional lenders.

Small business loans

When looking for a boost in the capital for your business or even upfront quick cash advance for merchandising, we have the finance for you. Submit your application for review and within 24 hours one of our team managers will call in approval of your loan.

Types of business funding

We know that every individual business owner has their own individual needs and we cater to different types of small business finance. A short term business loan is flexible and can be put together with other businesses which you may have used with your clients already. By expanding your business to provide small business loans from us, you can provide your clients with a solution that will meet all their individual needs.

Boost Capital Services

We can give you the right boost to fuel your growth.

At Boost Capital we provide small business loans, an easy and quick option to a traditional bank loan. A business loan from us works well together with many other types of commercial loans.

Bank overdrafts

This is when a bank facility lends client money by allowing them to do an overdraft on their current account and then pay it back later with an interest charge. This method of borrowing capital is very common but may never allow the client to achieve their full potential or goals because an overdraft is limited.

Commercial mortgages

These type loans are only for buying property or extensions on existing premises and therefore requires security. This will either be a percentage of the property you are buying or a huge deposit in cash that will also put your business in jeopardy financially. A mortgage loan from us can then be used to fill the gap of cash flow in your business.

Boost Capital Product Details

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to £175,000
  • Repayment 4 months to 18 months

Summary of Services

  • Apply in just seconds
  • Quick funding
  • Flexible repayment terms

Get unsecured business loans at Boost Capital

Most businesses need money to develop yet SME's like your consumers are finding it more difficult to get the capital they need.

Our business finance solutions are a quick, flexible way for your consumers to take advantage of development opportunities. Banks and similar financial institutions have made it much difficult for small businesses to acquire the working capital they need, even though command for business funding solutions is booming.

Bridging finance option

A bridging loan is another form of commercial funding. As can be gathered by the name, bridging finance is used to bridge a gap in money, regularly in property growth. This type of business funding is created to assist business owners in completing the purchase of a property before selling their existing property.

What can we provide to you?

  • Financing from £3 000 to £500 000 for any business rate.
  • Get acceptance within 24 hours with finance in as few as 2 days
  • Add unsecured business funding products to your portfolio.
  • Work personally with a faithful lender and NACFB

Flexible funding from Boost Capital

With a short-term loan from 4 to 18-month proposition that is created to be paid back quickly, our business loans are perfect for SME'S that necessitate access to money faster than traditional institutions are able to provide. And the actuality that seven out of ten companies came back to us for a second or even third tranche of financials indicates that Boost Capital is clearly doing something right.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

I got accepted for the loan on the same day! I was astounded

Alice J
— London —

September 2018

They saved me a lot of time and helped me start up my business. Thank you Boost Capital

Kevin M
— Liverpool —

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