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  • Business loans up to £200,000
  • Offers are pre-approved
  • Application process is all online

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About Ezbob

Since our launch, our company has offered finance to thousands of businesses across the UK.

Ezbob was founded in 2011, with a purpose to assemble a team of industry practitioners and technology specialists committed to changing the way financial institutions borrows to SME's and customers.

More about our story

Our company had won awards and has been selected to showcase its technology at main funding technology events such as Finovate Europe, Money2020 and Efma. We’ve constructed the most advanced business loan platform accessible in the market today, a platform which has been used by our company itself as a censorious component of its own borrowing business and is now accessible for use by funding institutions for their own consumers.

We offer business loans

Crafted for banks and financial institutions-our programmed digital lending as a service platform authorises quick cash lending resolutions and the opportunity to create new revenue streams and increase market share.

Ezbob Services

Automation and straight-through processing are the key advantages of the lending platform.

Immediate funding is made feasible via The Lending Platform's dynamic legal accordance and digital signatures. On average, customer loan applications take 3 minutes to fulfil and SME applications under 10 minutes.

Open for business

24/7 and 365 days a year. We empower consumers by allowing them to apply for an online loan anytime and from any internet-connected device. In today’s internet age, slick consumer experience is the key to victory.

Compliance made easy

Establishing compliance with AML/KYC and PEP screenings a cinch. Instant ID verification -an applicant is justified online with real-time verification, combining factors like location, device and live ID inspections. Our platform’s fraud detection and prevention exploit the best available cyber-security measures.

Ezbob Product Details

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to £200,000

Summary of Services

  • Immediate automated approval
  • A pre-approved offer
  • Speedy lending solution

Ezbob will provide you with a quick and reliable loan

Real-time data from multiple online sources grants for automated decision making and risk aversion.

The decision engine is adaptive for your organisation securing your own, unique competitive edge. It's crafted on proven methodologies and provides 100% automation.

Get instant funding

Dynamic legal agreements and digital signatures make it attainable to allocate funds to consumers immediately. Collection of payments from consumers is fully automated. Reporting on receiving and unsettling repayments is seen in an instant. Automated messages keep consumers well informed. From the consumer-friendly dashboard, all task, observing alerts and reporting relating to loan servicing can be seen and handled with ease.

Fast and simple online application

For both your existing and non-bank consumers, applicants can apply for a business loan online in 7 minutes in just 3 easy steps and get an instant financial decision. Your bank or financial instruction can save up to 80% of the costs allied with our business borrowing when compared to legacy and in house built solutions.

Our CRM service

The lending platform has proven CRM interactions that provide multiple channels for reaching your consumer’s, including email, SMS, social media, telephone and traditional mail. You can convey the optimal message at the right time and place.

Manage your leads and expectations productively. Automatically segment and assign leads to the particular staff and transform more and retain your consumers.

Multi-point verification

Our proprietary algorithm naturally checks dozens of data points, assisting you in preventing online and mobile fraud and safeguarding your bottom line.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

When I needed help with something they were open 24/7 so it was no problem to get in contact with them

James N
— Bath —

April 2019

Their application process was incredibly quick

Wade L
— Eidinburgh —

April 2019

Their application was so simple and it was processed really quickly.They saved me a lot of time and I could focus on the important stuff instead of stress over the application! Thank you, Ezbob

Garry B
— Oxford —

Ezbob Contact Details

Physical Address

Opening Hours

  • Monday Open – 24 hours
  • Tuesday Open – 24 hours
  • Wednesday Open – 24 hours
  • Thursday Open – 24 hours
  • Friday Open – 24 hours
  • Saturday Open – 24 hours
  • Sunday Open – 24 hours