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About The University of Edinburgh

We offer a single point of contact for prospective and enrolled students in finding the monetary assistance and information they need in order to pursue their education.

The Scholarships and Financial Support Team make students acquainted with the many scholarships, bursaries and other funds that are accessible. The fees and Student Support Team precisely assess and record tuition fees, research costs and sponsorship information and assess student fee status.

Our work includes:

  • offering help for students funded by SAAS, STC, research councils and other funding bodies.
  • managing student support and loan instalments.
  • cooperating with government funding bodies.
  • informing students and staff on all matters in connection tuition fees and funding.
  • managing the discretionary, childcare and travel funds.
  • assessing students fee status, i.e. suitability for home/EU or overseas fees
  • verifying Canadian and US loan applications.

What you can expect from us

You can expect a quick response to student loan queries and acknowledgements do all written questions within 7 days. Where a response is needed, we aim to either answer within this time or to advise when a reply can be expected.

You can expect truthful, objective advice, guidance and details allowing you to make a knowledgeable decision as to the further action. We aim to offer a consistent service are devoted to fair treatment for all.

The University of Edinburgh Services

How and when you will receive your maintenance loans and how the university the instalments of tuition fees.

If you have applied for your student grant before the publicised deadlines, you will obtain your maintenance loan and personal loan payments from the Student Loans Company (SLC) straight into your bank account on the girls day semester 1.

We provided you have the following:

  • Registered at the University
  • Finalised your application for funding and met all SLC requests for details.
  • Remember to sign the declaration

We are required to confirm your attendance at university before SLC will release your student loan instalments. We do this by loading the file into the student documentation system and matching against a students' registered reputation. We return electronic files confirming students' presence daily. This confirmation releases your loan payments to your bank account within 3/4 days after the beginning of semester 1.

Tuition fees

You must apply to your finance body for a tuition fee loan each academic session and the university gets a notification of the amount of tuition fee loan applied for the daily electronic files from the SLC. Remember sign your declaration or else the university will not receive confirmation of your loan. SLC will make an instalment to the university in 3 instalments. At the beginning of each AG accountability period (September, January, April) the university is needed to confirm your ongoing attendance and this is returned by means of electronic files to the SLC.

The University of Edinburgh Product Details

  • Loan Type Student loans

Summary of Services

  • Financial support for students with children and dependents
  • Financial support for disabled students
  • Scholarships and student awards

We're proud of our legacy

We are accountable for all the main University finance Publications which help about funding occasions to students.

This yearly publication offers useful information on bursaries, scholarships and UK government finance for undergraduate students. This yearly publication is useful information on bursaries, scholarships in UK government finance for undergraduate students.

Scotland/EU- Student Awards Agency for Scotland

You must apply to SAAS tuition costs to be paid to the university on your behalf each academic period. The university has to confirm your attendance at 1 December in order for your to tuition fee payment to be freed.

Carving the past, the present and the future

With our rich history, noted old graduates and distinguished scholars, we have much to be proud of in our many centuries as a world-famous university. From Nobel laureates and Olympic Champions to space adventurers in prime ministers, the University of Edinburgh has been affecting history since it opened its gates to its first students in 1583.

We encourage creative thinking

We are the home of Britain’s oldest literary awards, the James Tait Black Prizes and Dolly the sheep, the first animal to be cloned from an adult cell. It was here at the University of Edinburg that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created his notorious character, Sherlock Holmes and James Young Simpson started anaesthetics through his revelation of the properties of chloroform.

We have continued to present the best research, motivational teaching and creative thinking attracting some of the greatest minds from around the world through the many accomplishments of its staff and students.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

The panel who was interviewing me was very clear md their questions were understandable I never felt comfortable in the interview

Leah H
— Edinburgh —

November 2018

I applied in the UE and I did not know they offer student loans. When I arrived in the university, the administrator advised they offer loans. She gave me application forms. After a week I receiv...

Brad J
— Edinburgh —

May 2019

I needed fees to cover for my accommodation since I already had the loan which was covering my tuition fees. I was happy when UB was willing to financial assist me with the accommodation

Adams C
— York —

July 2019

The admin people are very nice and are knowledgeable they understand that sometime they work with parents who have little knowledge of universities and loans

Andy R
— Cambridge —

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