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About University of Birmingham

Birmingham has been challenging and growing great minds with student loans for more than a century.

Characterised by a tradition of revolution, research at the university has broken new ground, pushed forward the limits of knowledge and made an impact on people's lives. We have aspirations for a future that will embed our labour and recognition of the Birmingham name of the international stage.

Making important things happen

To unlock the global potential of a progressive city, we remain devoted the making sure our national and global impact while remaining at the heart of the city revival, even more than a century after the University of Birmingham was discovered. We bring together the people and resources to tackle the major challenges of all time. We draw on and give back to the region via our research, how education and how global research and reputation.

Purposeful approach

We help develop and spread knowledge and ideas which will help to transform the world, working with partners to take on the big questions, find and executor solutions everything over and make a difference nationally, locally and globally. With this approach we focused on the common good which has allowed us to redefine the civic university, becoming the standard against which others are measured.

Here are our values

  • Superiority: We have the highest standards knowing we can always be better.
  • Leadership: We shape our own future and encourage others' success.
  • Pioneering spirit: We are the first to do things and we take preconceived risks.
  • Purposefulness: We know our strengths, focus on our aims and persist in adversity.
  • Pragmatism: We are well-grounded and practices tackling and resolving problems.

University of Birmingham Services

Studying at university requires you to pay for your University fees and cover your living rates

While you will not qualify for a student loan, other sources of help are available to assist with your University fees. Learn more about that you can fund your university fees, the scholarships that we award as well as the procedure to apply for your visa

Our scholarships in Dubai

Birmingham attracts the best and brightest students across the globe. To make certain we recognise you don't who will thrive at the University of Birmingham, we provide a number of scholarships in Dubai that are available for students applying for 2019 entry.

Chancellors award scholarships

Birmingham distinguished history of attracting the brightest minds, with our past students going on to win Nobel Prizes and achieving triumph in business and government worldwide. As devotion to these outstanding students joining us, we are providing a selective number of scholarships in Dubai worth up to AED. 31 000 per annum which is equivalent of up to 30% of the yearly fee for each year of your programme. These scholarships in Dubai are accessible to students on all programmes, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Pioneers award

As we embark upon our flagship Dubai campus, we are eager to invest in those students who commit to studying with the University of Birmingham Dubai. If you apply early and receive a proposal you except you will receive 5% off your first year's tuition fee.

Chancellors full scholarship

For students who merge academic excellence with demonstrable evidence of extracurricular talent or impact, we are blissful to be able to provide a number of fully-funded scholarships. Awards will cover the total cost of tuition fees and applications are invited from those students that are protected or have attained top grades in their high school exams.

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Summary of Services

  • Financial support through grants
  • Financial support through bursaries
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We're backed by our rich heritage

Discovered by Queen Victoria 1900, the University of Birmingham is placed in the top 1% universities worldwide.

We are a member of the elite Russell Group of UK universities, which includes Cambridge and Oxford and are proud of the work we do to transform the world. We bring all of this heritage, stature and global renown to our new campus in Dubai. We will give our first group of students the chance to benefit from a British education and a qualification from The University of Birmingham, which is acknowledged and valued by employers and academic institutions worldwide.

University of Birmingham Dubai

The growth of our campus in Dubai marks the latest phase in our international expansions and folds of global research collaborations, distance studying courses, CPD programme and well-established international teaching activities taking place in Singapore and China.

Our programmes

We provide degrees that are held to the same standards as those on this UK Campus and are approved by the Dubai Government Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), which is responsible for the development and quality of education, we will offer opportunities for students to study on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Scholarships we have on offer

We will grant a selective number of short-term loans and scholarships for those choosing to study with us for 2019 entry which includes are Chancellor’s Awards. Find out more and submit your application to study with us today.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2019

The first thing which caught my eyes on their website is the video which explains how to apply for the loan. The video is clear and short

Edward S
— Birmingham —

July 2019

I was able to apply for the loan online. I did not have to go straight to the university

Steven H
— Birmingham —

December 2018

As working dad the salary I am earning could not assist me in furthering my studies as I was the only working member in my household. I was glad when I heard that UB funds part-time students.

Cassandra W
— Bath —

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