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About Money Super Market

We know that when you are hungry for the money you need that craving satisfied as soon as possible!

At Money Supermarket we are all about efficiency which is why our website is fast and easy to use and will show you all the available lenders that are willing to offer you a bite.

Saving you money, saving you time

Ever been to a store filled with ‘sale’ stickers and eager sales clerks all pitching their products to you in an endless hurricane of jargon and benefits? We sure have which is why we understand that finding the correct lender for you can be a daunting task. But, at Money Supermarket, you give us your shopping list and we will do the shopping for you.

Interest rates and you

When it comes to interest rates on personal loans generally the more you borrow, the lower your interest rate will be which means more money in your account and less total interest payable. When lending also keep in mind that making additional payments will lower your overall loan amount, thus, resulting in lower interest accrued on the remaining amount.

Money Super Market Services

At Money Supermarket, we care about you.

Life is expensive enough so we strive to save you as much money as we can so that you can use what you save on things that you and your family deserve. The best thing about Money Supermarket is that our service is not just easy to use but it is also free!

You can apply with bad credit history

Bad credit loans can be your salvation if you have been refused credit previously due to bad credit history or no history at all. When taking out a bad credit loan it is important to remember that interest rates are often higher on these loans and you will need to secure the loan either by using your home mortgage or an individual as a guarantor in which either will be used as a means to pay your monthly repayments should you find yourself unable to do so.

Peer-to-peer loans

This type of loan is borrowed from an individual lender instead of a bank. Often peer-to-peer lenders allow you to borrow more money at a lower rate than what a bank would allow. Before being approved for a peer-to-peer loan you will have to pass the lender’s personal background checks and requirements. You also have access to a wider variety of loan options and we will help you find the right fit just for you.

Money Super Market Product Details

  • Loan Type Loans bad credit

Summary of Services

  • Immediate access to host of providers
  • Comparing loan products
  • Quick online application

Money Super Market finds loans that suit you perfectly

Be a smart shopper!

At Money Supermarket we try to keep our clients well informed about their options as well as the risks and benefits associated with each option provided to them. We understand the difficulties in making a decision which is why we want to do it for you.

Why choose Money Supermarket?

The benefit of using Money Supermarket, instead of other loan comparison websites, is that we compare and match your needs to over forty lender companies and can assist you in understanding how the lender will view your application upon applying. This means that you can be accepted for a loan faster and easier.

Why payday loans and loan sharks will spoil your appetite

Loan sharks are not just illegal but are also infamous for charging high-interest rates which can often lead to an inability to meet your monthly repayments. When this happens the sharks will circle you and pressure you into lending more money which will leave you trapped in a debt tsunami.Payday loans, while legitimate, also have very high-interest rates often exceeding 1000% which can turn a small amount of fast money into a large spiralling problem. Our advice is to steer clear of these types of loans.

A loan comparison service

Money Supermarket offers price comparison services that aim to save you money. Our aim is to save you money in various sectors, such as insurance, loans and even in the household. We make this possible by using a series of nifty comparison tools wherein you can filter various quotes according to the criteria you feel to be most important for your situation. Our service also shows which loans to avoid applying for as these lenders are more likely to reject your application which can leave a permanent mark on your credit record and we do not want that.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

I bought my dad a car with the car loan I received form MSM, I was impressed with their low interest rates

Crystal B
— Manchester —

May 2018

Seeing my mother happy is one of my goals, I knew that first thing I need to do was renovating her house, when I heard about MSM affordable loans I applied immediately and I don’t regret that de...

Kevin L
— Liverpool —

March 2019

Professional and well trained staff

Jessy W
— London —

June 2018

The online service is the best. I was able to update details and make payment without going to the branch

Andy J
— York —

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