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About Money Super Market

Money Super Market is a UK-based credit broker, meaning we help our customers obtain financial products by connecting them to lenders offering quick loans which fit their needs.

By comparing different loans, we’ll help you find the best one suited for your circumstance. Many people find themselves struggling with debt. Old or young, anyone can fall into the trap of borrowing more money than they can actually afford.

Why should you consolidate your debt?

Consolidating your existing debt has some attractive advantages. It can help you save money because it puts you in a position in which you are able to handle your expenses better. You do this by taking out a new personal loan to repay all or a portion of your existing debt (like credit cards, store cards or other personal loans) by merging them into one loan.

One monthly repayment

Since you only have one repayment every month, you in turn only have one interest rate to deal with, making your finances a lot more straightforward to manage. One monthly repayment to one lender as opposed to multiple repayments of various amounts at different times of the month is easier to handle.

Money Super Market Services

Our services are free to use. The debt consolidation loans we compare can be repaid over terms between 1 and 25 years and depending on your personal circumstances, your loan rate will be anywhere from 3.2% and 99.9%.

Use our Eligibility Checker tool to search for loans and we will provide you with a list of lenders who are likely to accept your online loan application, from the highest to the lowest suitability score.

We compare loans

This helps reduce your chances of being rejected for a loan. Bear in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. Furthermore, using the Eligibility Checker will not affect your credit rating.

Secured and unsecured loans

Based on your situation, you’ll need to decide which loan - secured or unsecured- you can accept. Most debt consolidation loans are unsecured, meaning they are supplied based on your creditworthiness. Unfortunately, if your credit is bad, it may be particularly challenging for you to get an unsecured bad credit loan.

Money Super Market Product Details

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans

Summary of Services

  • Quick approval
  • Increase your credit score
  • Reduce monthly repayments

At Money Super Market we have all your lending needs covered

We connect you only to lenders who meet your personal requirements according to the information you provide us. Some of the lenders offer online loans to new customers while others only offer loans to existing customers.

You, our customer, will always come first. Therefore, we will never let the interest of lenders interfere with our service to you. We’ll only show lenders who are beneficial to your needs.

What you need to consider

There are still some factors you need to think about before getting a debt consolidation loan. You could end up with a higher interest rate or you might get a longer repayment term which means you can end up paying more than you otherwise would have.

Charges and fees

Some lenders charge penalty fees for repaying your loan in full before the term ends. Therefore, you need to do enough research to make sure that you understand and agree to all the terms of a loan before agreeing to it so you can reach your goal at the lowest cost.

Most importantly, never borrow more than you can afford as this would be taking you back to square one.

Improve your credit score

Although debt consolidation may not erase your existing debt, you could lower your monthly expenditure so long as you can afford the repayments. If you maintain making your repayments on time, there is the added advantage that your credit score could improve which will help you attract more lenders in the future.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

I loved the way the website was lay out and how one can find out if they are eligible for the loan or not before applying

Max S
— Eidinburgh —

January 2019

I had depression because of my debts they were getting out of hand and thanks to MSM for managing my debts through debt consolidation

Joshua A
— Brighton —

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