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About Zippa Loans

We’re a financial services provider, striving to help our customers get more out of life!

We offer quick loans so that you can relax a bit more, and truly enjoy the special moments of life without having to look over your shoulder.

Zippa is all about the fun stuff!

Let’s be honest, life is tough. The economy sometimes feels like a warzone! That’s why it really is a good idea to have a partner that can really help you through this. That’s why Zippa Loans should be a choice, not an option.

With us, you get quick loans

We know all too well how unexpected events pop from nowhere, demanding financial attention, which is really hard to give especially when it comes knocking at your door in the middle of the month! With all of that being said, Zippa can help you to sit back and relax with proper financial assistance. You won’t ever have to feel helpless or stressed again!

Zippa Loans Services

We offer quick cash loans, we live by this phrase!

Quick cash loans, meaning no more holding the line for the next available consultant, no more stacks of paperwork, or endless waiting periods for final approval. Zippa has eliminated all of these things because it’s supposed to be quick and easy not stressful and exhausting.

Zippa is fast!

We value time, especially yours! Once an application has been approved you can withdraw the money from your account on that very same day! We are very proud to introduce you to the quick online application process, this way you can do everything online with a few clicks of a button! It’s a user-friendly service that will only take up a few minutes of your time. You’ll get your answer via email or text message.

What makes us a better option?

Here at Zippa, we’re pretty straight forward, we don’t like to complicate things. We’re an easy-going business with friendly staff members that can easily relate to you and your financial needs.

Zippa Loans Product Details

  • Loan Type Quick loans

Summary of Services

  • Affordable Loans
  • Quick Cash Loans
  • Flexible Loans

At Zippa we understand that life can be challenging

Zippa and its employees are human!

Yes we do check your credibility, but we do understand that life can sometimes knock you down- so we look at all of the aspects instead of placing our full focus on a credit score. Another beneficial thing about Zippa is the fact that we offer superb rates! If you’re still a bit unsure click on the “compare loans” button, this is a function we put in place so that you can see for yourself who gives you the best possible solution.

Zippa has excellent ratings

We are super proud to say that we’ve rated as excellent 9/10 stars. Our customers are important to us, and by hearing, and seeing some of the beautiful compliments that we’ve received we know that we’re doing something right. This humbles us, as we really do value our customers and their financial needs.

You deserve to enjoy life; life really is too short to be stressed out. Join Zippa today and make your financial troubles something of the past. Get the cash you need quick, so you can get back to enjoying life, even with a bad credit score.

Zippa is an innovator

We’re always on the lookout to make things easier, better, and more fun! Zippa is rather flexible too! We offer our customers the freedom to choose between the variety of loan options because we know not everyone is the same!

Our loans are personalised

It’s important to us that we look at your specific needs, and of course, then help you with these needs by giving you a loan fitted for you as an individual. Our customers can decide if they want to do monthly or weekly repayments, this will give them the perfect opportunity to budget, and plan ahead so that they never have to experience any unpleasant surprises.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Good service, the money was deposited quickly

Andy C
— London —

July 2019

They helped me when I was in financial trouble

Hannah S
— Leeds —

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