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  • Personal loans up to £25,000
  • Low-interest starting from 9.9%
  • Repayment up to 60 months

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About Creation Finance

We’re all about creating simplified services.

We know how important it is for our customers to get straight forward personal loans, without any hidden tricks. We shoot straight, what you see is what you get.

Simple financial products

Creation Finance will supply you with all of the information regarding the product that you’re interested in before you make a choice, this way you always have full control. No unpleasant surprises! Creation knows very well that people just don’t have time to waste, we relate to this.

Affordable loan products

We have families, careers, and everyday life situations; we know how challenging it can become to juggle all of this without dropping a ball somewhere along the way. That’s why we get you. Whether you need cash for home improvements, medical bills, or the wedding of your dreams, our personal loans can see you through. With Creation, you’ll get a simple competitive loan effortlessly.

Creation Finance Services

We offer products to suit your needs without adding time-consuming procedures.

Creation can offer you a loan customised to your specific requirements. It’s really that simple.

Giving you peace of mind

Creation Finance wants you to be at ease, we know how stressful these types of things can be so we try to make it as simple as possible by supplying you with a quick cash loan. Once you are confident enough and happy with the guidelines you were offered you can apply using the online function.

Personal loans with a difference

The online function is user-friendly and will take only a few minutes of your time to complete. Once applications are done you can expect an almost immediate response, which again is great because you won’t have to feel anxious while waiting for endless days. Once you’ve been approved and signed the loan agreement funds can be paid to you quickly.

Creation Finance Product Details

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 9.9 – 16.9% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to £25,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 60 months

Summary of Services

  • Budget with monthly fixed payments
  • Decision is instant and online
  • Check loan eligibility

Simple and creative financial services

We ask only a few things to see if you're eligible. Most people fall within the necessary brackets.

To become a part of the Creation Finance family you would have to be between the ages of 23-70, earn a salary of at least £10 000 yearly. You would have to have a current account, a permanent UK residency with a clear credit record.

What else can we offer?

Creation Finance cares about you. That’s why we’re constantly looking for more ways to create a better future with innovation and creativity. We offer protection. We know how things can happen without even giving little warning; we also know how stressful these situations can become for you, and your families. That’s why we have partnered up with some of the best service providers, and insurers.

Fixed monthly payments

The loans we offer can range from £1000 to £25 000, with repayment terms of between 1- 5 years – allowing you to prepare, and budget ahead, this way you will have full control over your finances all the time. You will also have fixed monthly instalments -again helping you to budget on a monthly basis. You can choose between car loans to debt consolidation loans.

We offer insurances

Creation Finance is now also a proud credit card provider! We know how far a little extra can go, whether you want to keep a credit card as your last resort, or if you want to use when spending some quality time with the family Creation Finance can assist you with that too! Life is too short not to be happy and stress-free. Let your hair down, manage your own financial future, and get Creation Finance to help you.

Save time with easy online functions

We have an online calculator function that is very simple to use, and easy to understand. This function is excellent; it will provide you with a guideline on what loan amount you may qualify for, what the monthly instalment may be, and ultimately what your interest rate will be. This is a fantastic way to get a better idea of what to expect. Our employees are really down to earth people, they too have financial needs, and that’s why they would be more than capable to relate to you, and your needs.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2018

I followed a friend’s advice and went to Creation Finance, it was totally worth it.

Daniella B
— London —

March 2019

All my problems and issues are gone, and all because I chose Creation Finance.

Simon A
— London —

January 2019

I was able to cut my losses and restart the business again. Creation Finance was my best decision.

Marion L
— Glasgow —

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