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  • Personal loans up to £50,000
  • Low-interest starting from 3.3%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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Author First Direct. Screenshot of First Direct website. [Accessed September 4, 2019]

About First Direct

We are a peoples’ bank, the bank that does things differently! 1st Direct is the bank you can find on your laptop or cell phone.

1st Direct is a financial services provider. We’re always available to attend to your needs. We’re open 7 days a week!

Our team has a passion for what they do

You can speak to them freely without ever having to feel uncomfortable or stressed. After all, our main focus is to help you with whatever your needs may be. Whether you need a loan to purchase a new vehicle, student loan, or to assist with an emergency situation- we will gladly, and openly assist with a friendly attitude.

We are dedicated to you

Currently, we are the first UK bank that offers an always open service. We move with technology! In 1999 we were already busy doing text message banking, by 2000 we had our internet banking services running, and we were actually the first UK bank with a Twitter account. Now that just clarifies to you how innovative we are.

First Direct Services

We can go on for days, but we will keep this simple as we know how valuable your time is.

Our personal loans are for existing clients only, should you be new to 1st Direct you are more than welcome to join us and become part of the family today.

We offer online services

We’ll start with the online services, we have an online calculator that is simple to use, and very easy to understand. This function can be used as a guideline to give you an idea of what loan amount you may qualify for, what the interest rates on that amount will be, and over what term this can be taken.

Affordable interest rates

We know how strenuous the waiting can be, that’s why we made sure we’ve eliminated the waiting process. With loans ranging from £1000 to £50 000, you can be assured that 1st Direct can assist you no matter what your needs may be. The loans are offered at exceptional rates, our rates will vary from 3.3% to 21.9% APR based on your personal financial situation, and affordability.

First Direct Product Details

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 3.3 – 18.9% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to £50,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 7 years

Summary of Services

  • Flexible payment plan
  • Low interest rate
  • Quick access to funds

Always ready to assist you with affordable finacial solutions

Can 1st Direct also assist you with other financial services?

Yes! Over time we’ve realised that not one person is the same; people have different financial needs at different stages in their lives, we offer a variety of services.

Time is of the essence

Our online application system will only take a few minutes out of your day; it’s a user-friendly function that will allow you the freedom to manage your own time. Once an online application has been completed you can get an immediate response, money can be paid into your account almost instantaneously. This just adds convenience.

A variety of other services

We can offer assistance with banking, such as credit cards, mortgages, savings options, and even insurances so that you can be covered when those unforeseen things in life pop up without warning. These are just some of the services that you can make use of, we hope to be your 1st Direct financial services provider in the close future.

With us, you know where you stand from the get-go

We offer a fixed monthly repayment option over terms of between 1 to 7 years. 1st Direct will also give the flexibility to overpay, which may result in lower interest rates! So not only will we assist you, we will guide you, and ultimately we will help you save money. With the current state of the economy, we know how important it is to save where you can. 1st Direct is a proud financial services provider; we will always guide you should you be uncertain. We value our customers and their needs.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2018

Working with them was a good decision, in fact I would chose them again if I have to!

Shay L
— London —

February 2019

First direct has set a new direction for my catering business.

James O
— Glasgow —

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Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 22:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 22:00
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 22:00
  • Thursday 08:00 – 22:00
  • Friday 08:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday 08:00 – 20:00
  • Sunday 09:00 – 20:00