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  • Personal loans up to £30,000
  • Low-interest starting from 2.8%
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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About Sainsbury's Bank

We were the very first major supermarket to open up a bank in the UK; with a lot of pride, we took 100% ownership of Sainsbury’s bank in 2014.

We offer our shoppers award-winning services with excellent rewards. Our Sainsbury’s shoppers are of extreme importance to us, thus we strive to make sure they get great deals, and awards for choosing us to be their partner in shopping and financial services.

Sainsbury’s personal loan offers

We know that the economy isn’t what it used to be anymore, financial load nowadays can become very daunting, and we also know how easy these things can spiral out of control. Because we value our shoppers we make sure that our employees are equipped with the knowledge needed, by offering them learning and development opportunities.

Choose the right loan option

Our staff members have a warm welcoming attitude, making it easy to talk to them and ask questions openly. At Sainsbury’s, we can relate to our shoppers and their everyday struggles. Sometimes a little bit of extra cash flow can make a world of difference! Whether you need a car loan, debt consolidation loan or even just want a nice holiday, we can assist you with this, by offering you an outstanding personal loan.

Sainsbury's Bank Services

We treat all our customers on a very personal level as no one has the same financial need - hence we take the personal loan term quite seriously.

We don’t want our customers to feel like a statistic, we thrive on making our customers feel like they are valued as an individual. The personal interest rate you pay will be based on your personal data supplied, the type of loan that you are applying for, and your credit/repayment history.

Sainsbury’s online services

With our online calculator the Sainsbury’s customer can use this function to determine how much he/she would like to borrow, and over how many months the loan will stretch. This function is very easy to use and will give a quick guide on what to expect.

Quick and easy applications

We’ve also incorporated an online application function that will allow you to do your loan application without having to struggle with lengthy telephone calls, endless questions, and paperwork. This function once again is simple to use, and will only require a few minutes of your time.

Sainsbury's Bank Product Details

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 2.8 – 24.9% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to £30,000
  • Repayment 1 years to 7 years
  • Decision 2 hours

Summary of Services

  • Monthly installments are fixed
  • Funds are available in 2 hours
  • Loan top up

We provide you with all of your personal banking needs

Payments would be taken once a month, this will be done via direct debit order.

If the customer decides to take a repayment holiday the first instalment will be due three months after the initial date the loan account was opened- this will give you some time to prepare, and plan your own financial life. Once you apply for a loan no arrangement fees will be charged! This way we help you to save money.

Our interest rates

Times have changed, we are fully aware of how well time should be managed. We are constantly looking for ways to save our customers time and lessen the stress factors involved when having to apply for a loan. The APR will normally range from 2.7%-25.9%. The interest rates are fixed for the full term of the loan, this will then be added to your loan amount to be payable on a monthly instalment.

What happens should I decide to settle my loan early?

The customer is more than welcome to do settle a loan before the loan term is over. If a Sainsbury’s customer has a loan of 12 months or more, an early settlement fee will be charged. The settlement fee will be an interest of 58 days on your remaining balance. Whether it may be a small loan to do some repairs on your car, or a bigger loan to pay for the wedding of your dreams we will gladly assist. Our loans range from £1000.00 to £40 000.00

Sainsbury’s is a versatile provider

We are very proud to say that apart from the personal loans we offer, we have a whole lot more to put on the table. Each individual has their own unique financial requirements, that’s why we have a vast selection of other products to offer including business loans and home loans.

We have credit card options, and guides to guide you through the process of getting a new credit card. Selections of insurance options are also available which is fantastic for assisting with those unforeseen circumstances that we cannot control. Looking to save some money? Sainsbury’s can assist you with that too! These are just some of the other financial services that you can look forward to. Sainsbury’s would love to invite you to join us in this marvellous quest to real financial freedom, and happiness.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2018

I was able to solve many problems thanks to Sainsbury's Bank, and now my situation is ten times better!

Greg H
— London —

February 2019

What an amazing team! It was truly a pleasure to work with them!

Hanna M
— Glasgow —

April 2019

To me, Sainbury was a business investment and it worked wonders.

James H
— London —

March 2019

Taking the loan for work was the best decision I made. Now I run my own bakery!

Sasha C
— Edinburgh —

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