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  • Vehicle finance up to £50,000
  • Low-interest starting from 7.3%
  • Repayment up to 60 months

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About Barclay’s

Barclays is a British run company that helps you with financial services.

This is how you know you can trust Barclays we trace back to the early 1700s when James Barclay decided to join the Barclays enterprise.

Trusting in Barclays

The late 1800s sees James Barclays bank join the forces of the English provinces banks to become a nationwide run business as well as look after its nation Barclays has been around for many years and for years Barclays has been entrusted by hundreds of British members to look after their money to help them invest to help with personal loans and to help with car loans.

We care about our community

Barclays is a community-based company that goes all the way back to late 1600 you can trust us to help you to find a loan that suits you as the individual or as a family.

Barclay’s Services

There has been a time in everyone’s life where we have had to get a new car and say goodbye to your old faithful.

This means that you will need a good company to get your loan from. You need a company that understands and will give you good interest rates and percentages to pay your loan back.

Your car loans

Looking for a car then this is the place for you easy and simple to apply for you will be done in as little as ten minutes you get to choose the amount you loan you even get to choose the amount you would like to loan the time you would like to pay it back at a fixed interest rate of 5.5 %.

Simple loan calculator

You can even check out the loan calculator to help with choosing the amount you would like to loan and the amount you will payback. You are able to use it on the main page of Barclays or even when you go into loans of your choice, you can choose between many types of loans including bad credit loans.

Barclay’s Product Details

  • Loan Type Vehicle finance
  • Interest Rate 7.3 – 20.9% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to £50,000
  • Repayment 24 months to 60 months

Summary of Services

  • Fast online application
  • Speedy cash payout
  • Price quotes do not affect credit score

At Barclays we make getting a loan simple for our clients

Before you can apply for a loan you will need to qualify and make sure you pass the requirements.

Are you older than 18 years? Are you a UK resident and do you have a Barclays current account? If you qualify for all of those it is as simple as taking the quick questionnaire to decide the amount that you would like to loan load your information on to the web page where it will be saved and one of Barclays members will contact you.

We'll help you get the car you want

Looking for a new car but can’t afford the payments look no further Barclays will help you with an instant loan, as we are community we understand the need to have a vehicle that can get you from point a to b we understand that most of society cannot afford to run out and by a new car and that is why we offer our Car loans at great interest rates. To help you as an individual to help with daily struggles to help you get your loved ones from home to work to school we have all been there, We are here to help.

We make life easy

Whether it be your first vehicle your second or third Barclays is waiting to help you with applying for your loan to make your life easier it will be a few short steps and then you could be driving away in that car. Barclays is here to help you to get that loan to get your vehicle to live that better life without having to pay back those loans at horrible rates with Barclays you will be able to drive your car and pay back your loan comfortably and still afford to pay all your other bills to.

Apply for a loan today

Contact Barclays today because we are here for you. If you feel overwhelmed with debt contact us today about our debt consolidation loans. Contact us and become part of the Barclays family where we will assist you in all your needs today.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

I received an instant approval for my application

Henry C
— Liverpool —

May 2019

Well trained and informative staff

Joshua J
— York —

June 2019

I am happy with the instalments I am paying, very reasonable

Thomas H
— Glasgow —

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