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  • Debt consolidation loans up to £30,000
  • Low-interest starting from 2.8%
  • Repayment up to 5 years

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About Sainsbury’s Bank

Life comes with financial burdens. Some are necessary, like a car loan, whereas others are more of a bit of indulgence, like store cards for example.

These debts can easily pile up, sometimes without you even noticing. One minute everything’s fine and the next, you’re struggling to keep up with your payments. This is where we step in.

What it means to consolidate your debt

A debt consolidation loan effectively allows you to take all or a large portion of your existing debts and group them into a single loan. It’s an attractive route to take because it makes it possible for you to pay off multiple loans all at once. With all your debts in one place, keeping up with every payment becomes easier.

Improve your credit rating

By extension, tidying up your finances and making payments on all your debts on time can actually improve your credit rating over time, opening you up to more lenders in the future.

Sainsbury’s Bank Services

We pride ourselves on always being fair when it comes to our customers.

So it makes sense that we carry this philosophy to how we treat every loan application.

Borrowing amount

You can borrow personal loans of £1,000 to £40,000 over a period of 1- 7 years. If you already have a personal loan with us, you could top up your loan and borrow more. Because this is essentially a new application, you getting the loan will be subject to our assessment of you.

A tailor-made loan

Given that we understand that your financial needs may change, we will do everything that we reasonably can to ensure that we can help you when you really need it.

Sainsbury’s Bank Product Details

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans
  • Interest Rate from 2.8%
  • Loan Amount up to £30,000
  • Repayment 1 year to 5 years

Summary of Services

  • Simple loan application
  • Interest rates are competitive
  • Flexible and affordable

Pay off your existing debt with a Sainsbury’s Bank loan

When topping up, you have two options: first, you can choose to top up on your original bad credit loan and pay it off over a longer-term.

Or you could opt to take out a second loan with its own interest rate which will run concurrently with your first loan at its own interest rate.

Get your money quickly

If you complete your application online, you can usually have the funds transferred to you immediately. However, if you post the documents, it will take 1-5 working days after we receive the paperwork for the funds to be transferred.

Count on us every step of the way

We’re available to answer any questions or simply guide you along the way to make the process as hassle-free as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, you can call us, get in touch via our online banking platform or write to us. We also cater to individuals with any speech or hearing impairment.

For any speech impairment, you can contact us by Typetalk or by using a specialised textphone and if you are visually impaired, we can communicate with you via braille, audio or send you large text documents. If you think you might miss a payment, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll help you with a way forward.

Loans designed to suit your needs

What this means is that every customer is treated as the individual that they are and when you apply, we’ll assess your application by taking into consideration a variety of different factors unique to you.

This includes all the information you provide us, the amount that you would like to borrow, your personal circumstances as well as a credit check. After analysing all this information, we’ll be able to offer you the best possible rate that we can. Additionally, an added advantage is our loan rates are fixed, meaning it will remain unchanged throughout the lifespan of your loan.

Loan application eligibility

Our loans are available to individuals who are at least 18, who are UK residents, who hold a UK-based bank or building society account and who are employed (including self-employed) or retired with a pension.

Apply easily via online application or by contacting us and you’ll usually get an instant decision. As soon as your loan is approved, we’ll send you your loan agreement by post to be signed and returned. Alternatively, you can avoid the paperwork and complete everything online, saving you time.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

I was happy with the customer service I received in the branch

Leo J
— London —

May 2019

I was happy with the fast and secure online process

Jacob B
— York —

March 2019

I was able to cut down on my debts though debt consolidation thanks for such assistance

Thomas P
— Eidinburgh —

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