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About UCB Home Loans

When it comes to the quality, affordability and transparency that you expect from your property finance in the UK, UCB Home Loans is the best choice you can make.

The arrangement fee for both buy to let and residential mortgages is £95, and their redemption administration fee is £65. Both buy to let and residential mortgages allow you to borrow up to £1,500,000, and you may be able to switch your product when your fixed term ends.

Your buy to let early payment charges

Both residential and buy to let home loan offers are, in most cases, exempt from early repayment charges for up to £500 per calendar month. This exemption does not apply to the 2-year buy to let fixed rate for only 3% of the redeemed amount the first year and 2% of the redeemed amount the second year.

5-year fixed rate

The 5-year fixed rate's redeemed amount is only 6% the first year, 5% the second year, 4% the third year, 3% the fourth year, and 2% the fifth year, while the lifetime variable option's redeemed amount is 2% within the first six months.

UCB Home Loans Services

At UCB Home Loans, we strive for exemplary service and efficiency in every element of the property finance in the UK that we provide for our clients.

We have tried our best, in aid of accessibility, to make our website compatible with most screen readers, but please be sure to contact us if you have a suggestion in this regard. Visually-impaired people can also adjust our interface in many ways to accommodate their reading needs.

How to contact us

Please phone us if you want to move your current mortgage to a different property, which could prevent you from incurring an early payment charge. You can also send us a letter or phone us about any payment challenges.

A specialist support service

Please feel free to also phone our confidential and free specialist support service about any unexpected financial obstacles, such as serious illness. Feel free to also call or write to our customer care department if you want to let your property, move abroad, change a payment date or name of your mortgage, redeem your mortgage, or find out information on drawing down or statement requests.

UCB Home Loans Product Details

  • Loan Type Home loans

Summary of Services

  • Fixed mortgages offer fixed interest
  • Tracker mortgages offer payment holidays
  • Variate rate mortgages offer early repayment

Get a quick and affordable home loan with UCB Home Loans

At UCB we pride ourself on our quick loans.

When you apply for a home loan we will make sure that you get money in the shortest possible time, It is easy to apply, simply fill in an online loan application form and one of our expert service agents will contact you.

High-quality buy to let mortgages with us

Our current 2-year fixed rate buy to let offers are the 4.79% initial rate with up to 75% loan-to-value or the 4.99% initial rate with no maximum loan-to-value. Our 5-year fixed rate buy to let offers are a 5.29% initial rate with up to 75% loan-to-value or a 5.49% initial rate with no maximum loan-to-value.

Brilliant residential mortgage offers

Our residential 2-year fixed-rate personal loan options offer 4.79% initial rate and up to 75% loan-to-value, or 4.99% initial rate with no maximum loan-to-value. In both cases, your first year's early repayment charge is only 1% of the redeemed amount and your second year's repayment charge is 2% of the redeemed amount.

We here to make things affordable

The lifetime variable buys to let offer is a 5.54% rate. All fixed rate buy to let offers have a 5.54% variable reversionary rate, which is what you pay after your fixed-rate period. Both buy to let 2-year rate offers and the 5-year offer with a 5.29% initial rate have a 5.6% APRC, and both the 5-year fixed-rate with the 5.49% initial rate and the lifetime variable offer have 5.7% APRC.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

They didn't charge anything extra for early payments which made everything easier for me

Cassie G
— London —

August 2018

They had awesome residential offers. Thanks UBC!

William R
— Bath —

May 2019

Their specialist support service helped me out quite a lot and made it easy to avoid some surprise obstacles

Andrew B
— Liverpool —

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